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And there's support for Wide Color on i Phone 7 and i Pad Pros, which makes the colors pop out more.In addition to the tech improvements, the update brings a lot of gameplay improvements.Our blue friend can only run in one direction: forward.But, this blue buddy can also stop at any mid-air!As you play through the game, you'll gather coins, which can be used in that run for a variety of purposes, or carried forward to spend on things like stat upgrades and new characters after your run is finished.

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As the title implies, found a way to boil down the often highly-complex rules of a genre that mostly existed on home computers, and make it palatable for the simpler control inputs and technical capabilities of consoles.What makes this simpler in structure than the average Japanese-style roguelike comes down to a few things. They start off almost fitting completely on one screen, and while they get a little bigger as they go, you'll never need a map or anything like that to keep track of things. Any found medicine will be drank on the spot, any weapons you pick up will replace the current one, and anything your character can't use will be turned into cash.Second, there are always going to be a set number of each type of object per stage, depending on depth. Defeating enemies will add to your maximum HP most of the time, so it's important to do some killing now and then.The update brings some tech improvements for those with newer devices.

The game can now run at 120FPS, which makes the game feel more responsive because of the decreased latency.

All ships have ultimate abilities with a little twist (for instance upgrading your shield might also make bullets bounce back and hit your enemies).