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25-Jul-2017 03:38

(Cronbach α = .72) that asked about behaviors occurring within a dating relationship using technology.

These items were pilot tested using cognitive interviewing techniques with a sample of adolescents ( = 20) from a separate SHC in the same region not participating in the parent study.

Before the clinical encounter, youth used a laptop with headphones to complete a 15-minute audio computer-assisted survey about ARA and other forms of violence victimization, sexual behavior, and care seeking for sexual and reproductive health.

Students received a gift card to thank them for their time.

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This is the first clinic-based study of cyber dating abuse.OBJECTIVE: To estimate the prevalence of cyber dating abuse among youth aged 14 to 19 years seeking care at school-based health centers and associations with other forms of adolescent relationship abuse (ARA), sexual violence, and reproductive and sexual health indicators.RESULTS: Past 3-month cyber dating abuse was reported by 41.4% of this clinic-based sample.No studies to date have examined cyber dating abuse and the associations with other forms of ARA and sexual risk behaviors among a clinic-based sample of adolescents.

School-based health centers (SHCs) represent a particularly unique setting in which to examine the clinical correlates of cyber dating abuse and ARA.This may be particularly relevant for clinicians uncertain about the extent to which cyber dating abuse potentially contributes to the behaviors they are addressing in the clinical setting.